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  1. Michael Miller

    Dear Kelly,

    Time to say good-bye (cue the orchestra). Pardon me, I may get weepy. I am the old guy in the box office who thinks that you are such a treasure. Your looks and talent are great, but your personality is your best asset. Please thank your parents for raising such a wonderful young woman. Most of freeFall’s actors are pleasant, but only a few are as warm and delightful like you. For a beautiful and talented young woman like you to take time to talk to an old man in the box office, means the world to me. I know that I didn’t make the best impression on you when I crashed auditions to stop Richard from choking. What an entrance! I couldn’t let the bitch die. Who would I have to complain about?

    We are blessed that Eric casts the best people and that you are one of them. You cannot come back enough times. You are part of the freeFall family.

    I work the matinee tomorrow, but not the evening performance. Please stop by and say “see you later”, not “good-bye”.

    Your granddad in the box office,

  2. Michael Miller

    Hi Kelly:

    I hope that you are staying warm and inside out of the blizzard. Life goes on at freeFall. “The Buffalo Kings”, Natalie Symyon’s, new play opened to good reviews and sold out houses. The second weekend a tragedy happened. The actress playing the grandmother, Jenny Aldrich, learned at 6:30 PM before the Saturday night performance that her youngest son had died from a heart attack. The Saturday night show was cancelled. A new actress was brought in for the Sunday matinee, I had the pleasure of explaining to the customers that she would be “on book”. Only three couples asked for an exchange. The show goes on.

    It was wonderful having you here for two shows. You bring such a refreshing presense.

    Best Regards,

    Michael in the freeFall Box Office

    I hope that your visit with your family in Ohio was wonderful and that your time with your sister in NY was pleasant.

    Thank you for being a part of the freeFall family.


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