About Little Bits of Good

This is a site for celebration, and lifting up the amazing humans who are making the world a brighter place to play! Each week will profile a new person who is doing a Little Bit of Good in the world, or will feature my own musings about creating, appreciating, and finding the good in our lives  : )

Terms to know

GBD: Good-Bit-Do-er.  One who does good!

Celebrationist: One who celebrates the good that is happening in the world!

About the Creator: Kelly Pekar is an actor, writer, and teaching artist based in NYC.  She loves iced coffee, spicy food, fall weather, and reading on her new kindle : ) www.kellypekar.com 

*Header photo credit: The lovely Jill Usdan

3 thoughts on “About Little Bits of Good

  1. Samantha Helmstetter

    Hi Kelly!

    I hope you’re doing well. I absolutely love this idea for a blog. I thought I’d contribute.

    A friend and I have been researching a new non-profit called Love Letters to Yourself, founded by Jillie Johnston. She lives in Naperville, IL. She’s encouraging woman and men all over the world to write love letters to themselves in a effort to promote self-love. She’s also hoping to receive submissions of those letters so she can publish a book. The proceeds from the book will help fund women’s empowerment organizations all over. I’ve provided a link to her facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/#!/LoveLettersToYourself?fref=ts

    Hope you’re doing well,

    1. Kpekar10 Post author

      Thank you so much, Sam! It’s wonderful to hear from you. I hope you are doing amazingly, and making all kinds of beautiful music this summer. Jillie sounds incredible – thank you so much for sharing her story!


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