Week 93 – Little Bits of Puppy Love

Happy Monday, Celebrationists!

  1. I am grateful for a beautiful closing to Mr. Burns, a Post-Electric Play. What a fantastic time it was, in every way.
  2. I am grateful for The Dog Bar, which is a magical place where one can get a beverage and pet pups. Pure. Joy.
  3. I am grateful that we start rehearsal tomorrow for The Light in the Piazza. This has been a huge dream for so long, and I couldn’t be more excited.

Like many, I’ve been an avid dog-lover since I was a very little girl, begging for a puppy. My parents started me off with a hamster.

She wasn’t a puppy, but I was so excited to choose the perfect name for this little critter that I changed her identity every couple of days…she was Tiffany, Misty, Crystal, Gretl…and by the time I finally landed on the name Molly, my rodent-resistant mother decided I’d “learned enough responsibility,” we gave Molly away, and got our first dog, Max. Max and I had a good run together – competing in dog shows at the local fair (yes, think Best in Show, but not with purebreds, and slightly saner people), and cuddling after school. After Max came Teddy, and even though I wasn’t living at home for most of Teddy’s life, he was still a great pal every time I came back for a visit. After moving to New York, dogs were still a consistent part of my life, as I always manage to find several who need walking.


Lately, the universe has mercifully conspired to bring a multitude of four-legged creatures into my life again, which is definitely a cause for celebration.  It makes me think about the many ways in which these little (or not so little, as they may be) guys are totally a Little Bit of Good, all on their own.

Here are some things I’ve learned from these furry, affectionate sages, that you might also identify with:

1. You’ll feel better if you take a walk – Most dogs jump at the mention of a w-a-l-k, and I think this is wisdom. Even when I don’t feel like it, I always feel better after a good walk. Clearer mind, slightly new perspective, and a whole lot more awake.

2. Living in the present – Who gets this better than a dog?  They seem to have a single-minded focus on whatever captures their interest, and when that moment is gone, they move on to the next. And when they are with you, they are with you.

3.  Make time to rest – A dog doesn’t work himself into a guilt-ridden frenzy for taking a nap. He sleeps when he needs it. And he enjoys it.


4.  Make time to play  – Play is important, and not just for children. Dogs get this, instinctively.

5.  So much can be said through silence – Talk about listening twice as much as you talk. And I think that dogs do listen. That they intuit, and communicate in their way. So many times, they feel what the room needs and provide it without hesitation.

6.  Sometimes you get want you want – if you ask for it – Treats? Dinner? To be let outside? A back scratch? Sometimes it’s useful to remind ourselves that it never hurts to ask – we might just end up pleasantly surprised : ) 

7.  How to make friends – Dogs aren’t racked with the same self-conscious sensibilities as we are. Where fear of looking stupid or boring or uninteresting might creep into our nervous brains, these critters bring their whole selves to the table, and zero judgement. Not to mention the fact that a wagging tail is worth a thousand words.

8.  The game of fetch is a neat metaphor  – The more we’re willing to work, the more we’ll be able to receive.

9.  Trust – What is more beautiful than the trust of a dog?

10. How to be a loyal friend – A dog has your BACK. I want to emulate that kind of unconditional, valiant, and complete loyalty in all my relationships. Sign me up, French Bulldog!


Even if you aren’t a dog person, join me this week in seeking out the innate wisdom that exists in places we don’t always expect? And if you are a dog person, find one to give an extra snuggle to, this week : )

Have a great one, Celebrationists!

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